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With Scalpel and Bible in Service of the King Around the World

Harold Paul Adolph

Vantage Press, 1990, 110 pp.


The life of a contemporary missionary surgeon.Excellent model of giving up small ambitions for accomplishing Godís purposes.This man has been spared from eminent death more times than most of us have had the flu!In spite of having spent much of his life outside the Western spotlight, he has become well known for his surgical capability.You would never know from talking with him that he is a living legend.


Harold grew up in China, inspired by his missionary surgeon father and Eric Liddel. For a number years while he was the only resident doctor in an African hospital he had sinus infections so bad he could barely function for two weeks out of eight. He has spent much of his life in Africa and performed more than 20,000 operations worldwide.People in the poor parts of the world often let conditions go until they are really bad.A number of these conditions and operations are described.


For doctors looking for a challenge or a model, I recommend some time with Dr. Harold Adolph. He is now semi-retired and recruiting missionary doctors for the difficult places of the world.He gives lectures to medical groups around the country.


Donít be put off by the fact that the book is cluttered with typos.