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Screams in the Desert

Hope and Humor for Women in Cross-Cultural Ministry


Sue Eenigenburg

William Carey Library, 2007, 254 pp., ISBN  978-0-87808-517-0



Sue Eenigenburg has been a missionary for more than twenty years, twelve of them living with her husband and four children in the Middle East.  With wit and insight she helps us understand many of the incongruities and traumas of a family living in another culture.  Her self-deprecating humor is really funny.  She really did learn some good lessons.  And whether you are living in another culture or your own, you can too - at her expense! 


The book is written as a series of devotionals.  Is it spiritual for devotionals to start out funny?  It surely is fun.  She tells of 52 experiences (and her reactions) and follows each one with a section of Scripture from The Message, a few thought-provoking questions, a suggested action, and a prayer. 


Here are a few chapter titles:

       Terrorists and Chocolate Cake

       Getting Into Hot Water

       Reverse Psychology and God

       Suicide and Laundry

       Listen, God, I'm Speaking

       Language Learning Made Difficult

       If I were a Warthog

       It's Me Again, Lord, and I Need Your Help

       A Godly Car?

       I Gave God My Life, But Not My Toothbrush

       Third Culture Kids, Peanut Butter and GI Joe

       To Hide or to Confess, That is the Question


How can anyone resist a book with chapter titles like these?



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