ElmCros January, 1994

Cross-Cultural Conflict

Building Relationships for Effective Ministry


Duane Elmer

InterVarsity Press, 1993, 189 pp. ISBN 978-0-13-156815-0



Differences between cultures affect how people communicate with and understand others which affects how people get into conflict as well as how they resolve conflict. Attempting to resolve situations in our own 'common sense' manner may often make things worse in another culture. They don't do it like we do. Those considering working in other cultures need this book. It may also help us look critically at how we attempt to resolve conflict in our own culture.



3 sections:

Understanding culture and conflict

Cultural diversity and conflict resolution

Implications for the Gospel Message


"Once I made a judgment in a matter, my mind closed. And then it reopened only to receive data that confirmed my inaccurate conclusion." p. 20


"Most conflicts that disrupt our lives grow out of innocent misunderstandings, unmet expectations, failure to get all the facts, or minor irritations that fester and become problems." 24


People's responses to others fall into 5 general categories: (p. 151)






If a person uses one of the above 40% of the time or more, people will think he or she is responding with that type of response 100% of the time. p. 154


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