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The Making of a Dangerous Man

Stories of Dangerous Men and YOUR Story

A Dangerous Man LifeJournal


Al Larson

Morris Publishing, 2006, 153 pp., ISBN 0-9779122-0-5

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Al Larson is a former ACMC colleague from Green Bay and Minneapolis.  His primary interest over the past 40 years has been peer discipling and coaching.  He serves with the Navigators in Colorado.


This is a very practical 10-week journal/life study incorporating much that Al has learned through his association with many of the original Navigators, his experience with men, and his life-long learning.  Each week's topic is oriented toward particular challenges and goals.  Much of it relates to our identity and security in Christ.  It is a good group study, especially for young men eager to grow in following Jesus.  It is also a good personal growth study.  A Leader's Guide is included.


"Walt Henrichsen … asked himself a question one day: What would be the most horrible thing that could happen to him as a Christian?  The conclusion he came to was that when he died, God would take him aside and say to him: 'Henrichsen, let Me show you what your life could have been life if only you had done what I asked, if only you had been faithful to me, if only you had disciplined your life and made it really count, as I wanted you to.'" (24)


"The Culture is giving our boys a threefold criterion for what it means [to be a man]: athletic ability, sexual conquest, and economic success.  It causes men to compare what we have and compete with others for what they have."  "We compare, we compete.  That's all we ever do--from the ball fields--to the bedroom--to the billfold.  It leaves men isolated, alone, feeling insecure, and insignificant." (31, quoting Joe Ehrmann)


"Do you have a son or daughter, or granddaughter or grandson, that you just enjoy being with?  Does looking at their picture bring an inner smile and pleasure?    In the same way, you bring a unique pleasure to your Heavenly Father!" (54)


The most important belief we possess is a true knowledge of who God is.  The second most important belief is who we are as children of God (61, citing Dr. Neil Anderson)  Do I know my own real identity?


What makes a man dangerous in a good way?  Here are a few things from those listed by the author:

n      Willing to do the right thing, regardless of personal cost

n      Courageous, even if it looks ridiculous to others

n      Willing to follow Christ out of his comfort zone

n      Willing to face life issues head-on

n      Willing to be vulnerable  (71)


When a man's identity and security are rooted in Christ, he is free to be dangerous. (72)


Your challenge is to believe God wants to use your life in a significant way. (89)


"Jesus referred to 'the Gospel of the kingdom' because He was offering leadership and asking for followership.  There are two kinds of 'believing'--one in the sense of agreeing with the truth, and another in the sense of repentance and gladly following our Lord's leadership." (98)


"Not only are you the salt of the world, you are the light by which people desperately need to live."  (105)


How does one be salt and light?  By spending quality time, giving personal attention.  "When personal attentiveness is added to a program, the impact can be powerful." (105)


Key Questions:

n      How has the Holy Spirit been prompting you that takes you out of your comfort zone? 

n      How have you been responding?  (108)


"Almost half of our society is unchurched, and we Christians are not communicating with them very well.  Many of the people in that half will not come to us or to our programs, but they are still reachable.  We need to learn to bring Christ to them on their own turf." (115)  For help with this, read The Insider by Jim Peterson, NavPress.


"In order to have space in your life to connect with other friends and neighbors, you must make choices to limit your involvement in other, good programs." (118)


"Not everything that can be counted counts,

And not everything that counts can be counted.  (118)




See how God has been working in your life by charting your turning points.



Turning Points

Impact on my life










Adapted by the author from the LifePlan material by Tom Paterson, founder of PathFinders Association. (127)



Prayer Journal  p. 131


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God's Answer















"Do you know why I often ask Christians, 'What's the biggest thing you've asked God for this week?'  I remind them that they are going to God, the Father, and the Maker of the universe.  The One who holds the world in His hands.  What did you ask God for?  Did you ask for peanuts, toys, trinkets, or did you ask for continents?


I want to tell you… it's tragic!


The little itsy-bitsy things we ask of our Almighty God.  Sure, nothing is too small--but also nothing is too big.  Let's learn to ask from our big God some of those big things He talks about."   

            Dawson Trotman, Founder, The Navigators



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