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6 Steps to Discovering Godís Mission Vision for Your Church


David Mays

ACMC, 1996, 2005, 73 pp., ISBN 1-930924-28-3


Building Global Vision is a 6-session study guide to help church leaders prepare themselves to receive from God a clear mental picture (vision) of something He wants to accomplish in the world through their church.Each session includes a personal Bible Study to help participants see how God has guided his servants in the past.


The book uses George Barnaís definition of vision as being ďa clear mental picture of a preferable future imparted by God to His chosen servants ... based on an accurate understanding of God, self and circumstances.ĒMost books on doing church deal almost exclusively with Godís desire for outreach in their own culture and community.However, to know Godís vision for global outreach church leaders must know God and his purposes, the particular strengths of their congregation, and some important facts about the world.The core of the process deals with examining Godís agenda in the world, what the world is like today, and how God has gifted, equipped and connected your particular church for ministry.


The six topics covered include:

  • Recognizing the Need for a New Vision
  • Understanding True Vision for Ministry
  • Committing to Spiritual Preparation
  • Gathering Information on Our World
  • Gathering Information about Your Church
  • Writing the Vision Statement


The book draws heavily on several authors, applying their concepts to global missions.These include Aubrey Malphurs (Developing a Vision for Ministry), George Barna (The Power of Vision and other books), Burt Nanus (Visionary Leadership and other books), and Henry Blackaby (Experiencing God).


Because vision for an organization comes from the top, this book will have greatest impact if pastors, elders, and church leaders study the book together.


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