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I Want to Make a Difference Now

Your Bridge to Global Impact


Don Parrott

NextStep Resources, 2011, 146 pp.  ISBN 9780911802511



Baby Boomers (1946-1964) have their own issues in finding roles in ministry.  The Check Point questions at the end of each chapter are the best parts of the book. Finishers Project connects mid-lifers with a heart for cross-cultural service with organizations that send them.  Don Parrott, the president and CEO of Finishers Project is a former missionary and missions pastor. 


Boomers, about 25% of the US population, control about 70% of the wealth.  About 12 million are Christ-followers and research has suggested that half of them would be willing to consider a global impact ministry role.  They have the knowledge, the resources, and the experience to make world-class impact. 


The two chief challenges are faith and finances.  Dealing with aging parents or adult children (and often grandchildren) are the next big issues. 


Whatever you are doing now is preparation for the future, even if we don't know what God is preparing us for.  Boomers often wrestle with "fit," how to find a ministry role that utilizes their skills and expertise. 


Those who decide to enter a ministry role can expect spiritual attack.  It often comes in the form of accusations, health related issues or family resistance. 


The best preparation for global impact is fruitful ministry in a local church.  Training comes in three phases: informal training from past life experience, pre-deployment training offered by sending agencies, and on-site training in the ministry setting. 


God has a place for you.  Take the first step and watch Him work.  Find your role via Finishers Project,