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Through Her Eyes

Perspectives on Life from Christian Women Serving in the Muslim World

Marti Smith

Authentic Media, 2004, 249 pp., ISBN 1-932805-07-9



Marti Smith served as a research project coordinator for the ministry of Caleb Project, now Caleb Resources. She helps train and send short-term teams to do ethnographic research to support church planting among those beyond the reach of the Gospel. She began research for this book while living with a church-planting team in Central Asia.


Via interviews of two dozen women, the book give real-life insight into some of the struggles and adjustments for women living and ministering in another part of the world. Issues related to perseverance, relationships, life under pressure, culture, values, money, singleness, marriage, and parenting make up some of the topic areas.


This would be an excellent book for any woman considering or preparing for life in ministry elsewhere in the world.


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