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The Local Church Ignited for God’s Glory Among All Peoples!

A Journey to God, the Local Church and All Peoples


Mike Stroope

All Peoples, Arlington, TX, 171 pp., soft cover, 1999


Mike Stroope, president of All Peoples, a mission organization devoted to unreached peoples, has written an eight-lesson Bible journey focused on God’s purpose for creation, the Church, and the nations – his own renown.  The content, theme, and flow are very helpful for seeing the “big picture.”  Application questions reinforce the main points of each session.  The book includes a facilitator’s guide, end notes, and a helpful set of practical resources.


The sequence begins with God, Creation, and Covenant, and continues with Christ, and The Commission.  Chapters six and seven focus on all peoples and the empowered church.  And the last section is a personal challenge.


Ch 1. God is like None Other.  He desires that his creation acknowledge Him alone as God.


Ch 2. Creation: All Peoples for His Glory.  “God created mankind in order that He might be known and worshipped as the Creator.  Creation is the expression of God’s passion for praise and worship.”  (27)   “Everything exists to praise the Creator!” (28)  “Because worship is absent, chaos reigns on the earth.” (29)


Ch 3. Covenant: A people for His Glory.  God plans to bring all peoples to worship through a covenant people.  Jesus is the mediator of a new covenant people.  The Church is the people of God’s Glory.  In the church and in Christ Jesus, God intends to make His glory known.


Ch 4.  Christ: The Glory and Love of God.  “In Jesus Christ we see the complete demonstration of God’s glory and love.” (59)  “If we seek to understand the [resurrection] from our need rather than from God’s global and eternal purpose, we will fall short of its true significance and reality.”  “Jesus Christ is the summit of God’s purposes for all peoples for all time.”  (60-1) 


Ch 5.  Commission: The People of God Called and Sent.  “…the Church has been called and sent to proclaim God’s glory and love to the ends of the earth.”  (77)  “Every local church exists to proclaim Christ to its culture and to the world.”  (78)


“Christ is the model for the Church.  As the Father sent Jesus, so now Jesus sends the Church.  Only God sends.  The Church is not the sender, but the one sent.”  “Sending remains as a way for the Church in every age.”  (82-3)


“The Church is best described as the called and sent people of God.  Calling precedes sending, and calling is incomplete without sending.”  God’s People, the Church is called to Christ (to his character and purpose) and is sent by God’s Spirit to the ends of the earth. (85)


Ch 6.  Celebration!  All Peoples Worshipping God.  “All peoples worshipping God is the goal of creation and history.”  (93)  “God created, covenanted and commissioned in order to perfect worship of Him by all the peoples of the earth.”  (94)  “God’s passion is that all peoples know and worship Him.”  (95)


The word all is used in conjunction with the nations 119 times throughout Scripture.  (98)


Ch 7.  Consumed: The Church Empowered for God’s Glory.  “The Spirit of God ignites, purifies and empowers the Church for impact.”  “The task of impacting the peoples of the earth should not be a burden, chore or frustration.”  “Radical obedience is our surrender to the Holy Spirit and His power.  In radical, obedient surrender there is explosive effect and freedom to impact the peoples of the earth!”  (113)


“The Church, within a hundred years of Peter’s words at Pentecost, spread like wildfire….  The Church of the first century was aflame.  Ordinary and uneducated men and women possessed by God’s power and glory impacted the known world.”  (114)  “In other words, God ignites His Church!”  (115)


“The Church receives the Holy Spirit not for its own enjoyment or its needs alone.  It receives the Holy Spirit in order to declare God’s renown to the ends of the earth.”  (117)


“…the Church cannot maintain its light except by the fire of the Holy Spirit.”  (118)  “The power of the Holy Spirit propels the Church to the ends of the earth.”  (119)


“The Great Commission is not just about travelling to the ends of the earth.  It is about coming to the end of ourselves -–our wealth, our power, our ability and our lives.  Commission follows radical, obedient surrender to the activity of God’s Spirit in our lives.”  (120)


“God’s renown will impact the nations as the ignited Church, fueled by the glory of the Lord, burns as a light to the nations.”  (123)


Ch 8.  A Life Like None Other.  A call to surrender to the grand agenda of God.  “Live and die for God’s renown!”  (127)


Question:  What is the measure of one’s personal life?

Question:  What is the measure of the local church?


Recommended disciplines:  (138-9)

1.      Worship God.

2.      Embrace Jesus Christ – His ways, words and life.

3.      Walk by faith rather than by sight.

4.      Return to God the resources He has entrusted to you.

5.      Pray and fast regularly so that you know Him and His ways.

6.      Live passionately, radically and faithfully – every moment, every day.

7.      Stand with the Church – the body of Christ.

8.      Grow in global awareness.

9.      Obey radically and immediately the commands of God.

10.   Fight the good fight – to the very end.


“Keep Watch,

       Dream the Dream and

              Do Whatever it Takes

                     To impact Every Nation, Tribe, People and Language

                             With a Passion for God…and Nothing Less!”  (140)


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