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Rules To Live By

52 Principles for a Better Life


Jerry White

NavPress 2010, 171 pp.  ISBN 978-1-60006-270-4



Give this book to your friends and relatives. Jerry White, a Purdue PhD in Astronautics, retired from the Air Force in 1997 as a major general.  He is also international president emeritus of The Navigators. This very nice little book suggests simple and practical guidelines to help anyone be more productive and satisfied in their personal life, relationships, and work.  Here are just a few samples.


Rule #1.  Think!  (As in "What were you thinking?")  Don't just react by impulse.  Think!


Rule #7.  Endure Adversity.  "Our most common and natural responses to adversity are anger, sadness, depression, and resignation.  But men and women of character respond with discipline, determination, and a positive attitude." (32)


Rule #11.  Write Something Every Day.


Rule #13.  Think Long Term.


Rule #18.  Forget offenses against you.  Forget praise.  Forget your prejudices. 


Rule #21.  Don't get mad at little things.  Identify your 'hot spots' and curb the external explosion. 


Rule #23.  Give Money.  Giving is one of the great joys of life. 


Rule #26.  Watch Out for Icebergs (dangers mostly hidden): moral temptations, craving wealth, busyness. 


Rule #29.  Compliment people.  Be sincere, truthful.  Don't make a big deal out of it; just do it. 


Rule #34.  Say "Thank You."


Rule #39  Meet with a Small Group where you can share and discuss life issues. 


Rule #43.  Leave some things undone.  Make good choices.  Filter opportunities.  Don't get buried in a pile of unnecessary tasks.   


Rule #45.  Learn to write well and speak well. 


Rule #48.  Avoid pride and boastfulness. 


Rule #49.  Do what you say you will do. 


Rule #52.  Finish. 



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