Four Basic Principles for Getting Well


Wayne Cox & Dale Guyer, M.D.

AuthorHouse, 2004, 260 pp.  ISBN 1-4184-90328-7


Wayne Cox is my neighbor.  He told me a couple of years ago that he had a miraculous story of recovery from severe illness and he was writing a book about it.  This is the book.  It is a story of his own experience, including his own research about wellness, the medical industry, medicine, and nutrition.  The book is well organized and surprisingly easy to read.  It is a bit too long and a bit redundant.  Wayne has accumulated a surprising amount of medical knowledge and presents his view of alternative medicine.  I suspect there are gaps, such as the fact that a number of the heavy metal “toxins” listed early in the book undoubtedly accompany the 74 natural “minerals” required for health in “Glacial milk” (206).  Nevertheless, his is a wonderful story.  There is much good advice in the book, and his four principles are worth heeding.


Getting Well emphasizes a pivotal consideration—the individual perception of victim versus activist.”  (Introduction)


“As medicine is currently practiced in our country, doctors are obligated to bow to the dictates of large insurance corporations.”  “Often the doctor is seeing 50 to 60 patients a day, so the encounter typically lasts less than three to four minutes.” This is insufficient time for the doctor to investigate possible causes for the patient’s illnesses.  (Introduction, 140)


“The fact we didn’t have much money to spend [growing up] was the primary reason we were so healthy.  We could not afford to buy processed food or eat at restaurants.” (2)


“Remember that opinions rendered by experts are often couched in biases, emotional attitudes, and paradigms, as opposed to basic science.”  “Our medical profession tends to overindulge on the side of invasive procedures and multiple prescription drugs, all of which can make the patient feel worse.” (15)


“If the medicine stops the discomfort, we usually say we have a good doctor.  We do not realize that the cause of our medical problem may be covered up and that our body’s natural alarm that illness is on the way has been turned off by the medicine.” (17)


“If you have chronic sinus problems, toxins from the polluted air around you are being circulated throughout your body.”  (18)


“My weight gain was being caused by my diet lacking all the nutriants needed for good health.” (18)


Rarely can prescription medicine address the cause of an illness. (26)


“Even diagnoses can be difficult, as often examinations and diagnostic approaches, such as EKGs and stress tests, will show definite problems only if significant arterial narrowing creates an electrical aberration that is measurable on these tests.  Otherwise, many patients can have ongoing extreme narrowing of the coronary or other arteries in the body, but experience relatively few symptoms.” (36)


“Always remember that you, the patient, know your body better than any physician or even well-meaning family or friends.  Therefore, you have to pay attention and trust your intuition, as not all advice you receive will be ideally suited for you.” (37)


“While drug therapy is often necessary for life-threatening problems, in many cases pharmaceutical intervention has so many side effects and long-term complications that the problems created outweigh whatever potential benefits might be derived.” (58)


The Four Basic Principles for ‘Getting Well’

#1.  “All toxins and heavy metals must be removed from your body before healing can take place.  These toxic foreign substances cause chemical and electrical imbalances that weaken your immune system, interfere with nutritional absorption, render body hormones less active, cause false symptoms, disrupt nerve path messages that control body functions, interfere with the effectiveness of prescription drugs, and make it impossible for your body to return to complete wellness.”


#2.  Establish a well-balanced, highly nutritional diet, supplemented by nutrients identified by a physician.


#3.  Refuse to become a victim and take responsibility for your health.  Educate yourself and become a specialist in your own care.  Trust God.


#4. Exercise correctly.  Join a fitness club that provides a personal trainer.  (103)


“Over the years, I found that bacteria, viruses, or fungi did not cause most of my illnesses.  Instead, toxins, accumulating in my body...caused them.”  “Doctors who treated me over a thirty-eight-year period not once investigated for and treated the presence of toxic heavy metals and other toxins that were accumulating in my body.”  (157)


“If we exercise regularly, some toxic substances will be removed with our sweat.”  “When our toxin intake is greater than our immune system can destroy or eliminate, our weakened immune system, in a last-ditch effort, begins storing the toxins out of harm’s way in the fat cells of our body.” “Once the toxins are stored in our body, they are very difficult to remove.”  (158)  [His doctor used repeated EDTA-chelation, IV therapy.]


“I have come to believe strongly that every person, regardless of age or physical condition, can greatly improve his or her health by releasing the natural healing power available within his or her own body with exercise.” (221)