Still More Stuff you need to know about

Doing Missions in Your Church


David Mays

ACMC, March, 2004, 73 pages 


Just now out, “Stuff III – Still More Stuff…” is the third in a useful series of one-page lists, handouts, outlines, and summaries of things church leaders ask about carrying out their missions responsibilities.  Each volume has all new material and is divided into eight categories: Foundations, Leadership, Management, Prayer, Communication, Congregational Involvement, Missionaries, and Resources. 


Material ranges from the known (The Lausanne Covenant) to the exotic (Watch your missions language!).  Church leaders, mobilizers, and mission organization personnel find these “bottom line” summaries extremely handy and helpful.  More than 4000 copies of the first volume and 1000 of the second have been distributed.


At the Mid-Atlantic ACMC Conference in March 2004, a missions pastor was overheard to tell a participant, “I’m a missions pastor and this is the most useful information I have for my missions team.”


Each volume is available on diskette (in Word 2000), which allows the purchaser to install the document on computer and print the whole book or multiple copies of individual pages as needed.  Diskettes sell for $12 each (including shipping).


Now all three volumes, including a cumulative index, are also available on CD ($26, including shipping).  You can see introductory sections of the first two volumes and the cumulative index as well as how to obtain Stuff… here 


To purchase send a check (U.S. funds) to ACMC, Box 221, Brownsburg, IN 46112.  Specify Stuff I, Stuff II, Stuff III ($12 each) or the Stuff CD ($26) and provide your postal address.  Email for alternative electronic transactions.


The contents of Stuff III are listed below.


Stuff III - Still More Stuff you need to know about
Doing Missions in Your Church


  1. Church Purpose Statements
  2. How to Get Started in Missions
  3. Developing or Revising Your Missions Policy
  4. Missions in the Old Testament
  5. Missions Education Strategy Overview


  1. Missions Discipleship Paradigm
  2. Missions Pastor Profile
  3. Missions Pastor Orientation
  4. Missions Team Interest Inventory
  5. Missions Leadership Obstacles
  6. Missions Questions for Pastors
  7. Values Survey for Church Missions Leaders


  1. Guidelines for Missions Meetings
  2. Church Missions Deployment Models
  3. Missions Team Sub-Groups
  4. Support Application Evaluation
  5. Common Strategy Questions
  6. Global Ministry Self-Assessment
  7. Consortium Agreement
  8. Consortium Operating Guidelines
  9. Partnership Basics
  10. Partnership Types
  11. Agency Partnerships – Criteria for Assessment


  1. Conference Evaluation for the Congregation
  2. Conference Evaluation for Participating Missionaries
  3. Conference Evaluation for Church Leaders
  4. Cultural Values
  5. How to Avoid Missions
  6. More Missions Trends
  7. Tips for Influencing Your Church for Missions
  8. How to Develop a Missions Discipleship Group
  9. Watch Your Missions Language
  10. Ten Questions for Your Children’s Ministry


  1. How to Pray for Missionaries Daily
  2. National Call to Prayer
  3. Prayer Quotes

Congregational Involvement

  1. Benefits of Short-Term Missions Trips
  2. Mission Trip Names
  3. Short-Term Opportunities
  4. Short-Term Team Training Schedule
  5. Top Priorities of Short-Term Training
  6. Short-Term Contingency Check List
  7. Mission Trip Support Letter Guidelines
  8. Missions Ministry Survey
  9. Volunteers – How to Recruit and Keep Them
  10. Involving Your Grandchildren in Missions
  11. Parents of Missionaries – Tips for Coping
  12. Parents of Missionaries – Getting Through the Holidays


  1. Accountability Questions for Missionaries
  2. Domains of Missionary Preparation
  3. Missionary Preparation Flow
  4. Candidate Training Roles for School, Agency, Church
  5. Role of the Local Church in Missionary Preparation
  6. Missionary Preparation Procedure
  7. Missionary Training Inventory
  8. Seminary Training for Missionary Candidates
  9. Helping Your Church Send You
  10. Evaluating Missionary Career Changes
  11. Missionary Counseling Issues
  12. Why Missionaries Leave the Field


  1. Books for Your Church Missions Library
  2. The Lausanne Covenant
  3. The Lausanne Covenant (continued)
  4. Best Books on Leadership
  5. New Missions Books
  6. Resources for Understanding Islam
  7. Resources for Ministering to Muslims
  8. Top Ten Books to Restore Your Spiritual Passion
  9. Sources of Missions Books