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Weighed in the Balance

David Mays

"The Church is engaged in an urgent global rescue operation."


What is the best balance to maximize the effectiveness of your church in discipling the nations?  Which way do you need to move on the following continua?  



n     Missions vs. Everything Else
Do we need more missions or is missions too heavily emphasized versus other needs?

n     Prayer vs. Activity
Do we need more prayer for missions or more activity in missions?

n     Vertical vs. Horizontal
Do we need a more evangelistic emphasis or a more humanitarian emphasis?

n     Discipleship vs. Deployment
Do we need to utilize more of our missions experiences to disciple our people or to more effectively accomplish ministry on the field?

n     Long Term vs. Short Term
Do we need to undertake more mission trips or more long term ministry? 
Do we need to focus more on quick results or more on the long-term difficult tasks?

n     The World vs. Our Community
Do we tend to neglect our community or do we tend to neglect the rest of the world?

n     American Missionaries vs. National Partnerships
Do we need to focus more on partnerships with nationals or on sending trained and equipped Americans?

n     Missionaries vs. Projects
Do we need to focus more on time-framed projects with defined end points or on supporting long term missionaries who can learn the culture and influence people?

n     Hands Off vs. Hands On
Do we need to get our people more hands-on in ministry overseas or are we limiting our long term effectiveness by excluding ministry where our people can't go help?

n     Continuity vs. Change
Are we bound by the past so that we can not advance or are we jettisoning the past with too little regard for our faithful, long-term missionaries?

n     Strategic Needs vs. Our Interests
Are we missing out on the commitment of our people by focusing on strategic needs that are beyond their range of understanding and involvement or do we neglect critical and strategic needs because we limit ourselves to the interests of our people?

n     Out of Reach vs. Out of Fellowship
Do we neglect those around us who are not believers to do international ministry or do we neglect those out of reach of the gospel to put the great majority of our efforts into those who have multiplied opportunities already?

How do you need to rebalance to maximize your effectiveness in discipling the nations?




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