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Changing Church Dynamics and Missions



Changing Financial Perceptions

       The cost of doing church is increasing and the missions budget is pinched.

       Younger and larger churches set aside smaller percentages for the "missions budget."

       The missions budget gets tapped for a widening range of needs.

       Church leaders spend more for internal missions mobilization and travel.   

Changing Church Operation

       Congregations meet fewer times per week than in the past.   

       Missions leadership is moving from lay volunteers to church staff.

       Leaders focus more on help for this life and less on salvation for eternal life.

       There is little opportunity for public exposure to missionaries and missions.

       Biblical education on missions and the Great Commission is minimal.

Changing Understanding of Missions

       "Missions" is giving way to "mission," which is both here and there. 

       Missional churches expect everyone to be involved in mission, often via community projects and mission trips.

       Church plants view themselves as a 'mission' to their community.

       The scope of missions has broadened to include almost any ministry that helps people, including ministry to and for Christians in our community.

Changing Methods of Missions

       Churches are sending many more short-term mission teams.

       Churches are concentrating their energies on fewer missionaries and fields.

       Churches are favoring a project and results orientation over long term commitment.

       Missions is increasingly oriented toward compassion ministries.

       Missions is increasingly church-directed and partnership oriented.

Changing Church People

       People are busier and have less time available.

       People tend to follow the culture more than the Scripture.

       People are more globally aware.

       Many young people have a great desire for authenticity and intimacy with God.

       Enterprising individuals step out and make a difference in the world.



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