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Mission Ministry Orientation

David Mays


Some people are more relationship oriented and some are more task oriented.  When your missions team makes investment decisions, some people lean toward relationships and others toward tasks.  Picture your missions ministry this way:

Task Oriented

Purpose and Goals







Compassion                                                Relationships



Relationship Oriented


If compassion, the desire to help hurting people, is a primary motivation, then ministries such as disaster relief, AIDs, orphanages, housing for the homeless, and battered women's centers may receive a high priority.  Luke 4:18 may be your key missions verse.

If relationships, the love for people you know, is a primary motivation, then supporting your own people in ministry will guide many of your missions decisions.

If purpose, accomplishing important goals and tasks, is a primary motivation, then ministries such as Bible translation, church planting, and adopting a people group may be a priority.  Matthew 28:18-20 may be your key missions scripture.


Looking at the ministries you support and the way you make decisions, would you say that in your church, missions decisions are guided more by

a.     Compassion and Needs?

b.     Relationships? or

c.     Purpose, Goals and Tasks?


If we are primarily needs and compassion oriented, what might we be missing?


If we are primarily purpose and goals oriented, what might we be missing?


Which way do we need to move?  




How will you explain this to those who feel you are moving away from what is important to them?