Updated: April 26, 2007


What Demonstrates a Churchís Priorities

ÖDavid Mays


If you were to move to a new community and begin visiting a church, how would you know what is most important in that church?What would be the clues?


Ages:What all age groups study and do

Attendance:The activities and functions that are best attended

Budget:Where the money goes

Calendar:What activities are frequent and prominent

Celebration:What gets celebrated

Conversations:What people naturally talk about

Expectations:What is expected of everyone

Facility:What is emphasized, showcased, or subtly communicated

Integration:What gets integrated into all ministries and age groups

Leadership Development:What is included and emphasize

Leadership Meetings:What topics are frequently and extensively addressed

Measurement:What gets counted

Ministry Leadership:What ministries are run by paid staff and what by lay leaders

Must:What the church must do, and, consequently what it canít do

Prayer: What is consistently prayed about

Preaching:What themes and topics recur

Programs:What programs and activities are offered and emphasized

Promotion:What is promoted most effectively and furthest in advance

Quality: What must be consistently high quality

Recruiting:What gets the most recruiting

Staff Positions:What ministries are led and supported by paid staff

Time:What occupies staff time

Training:What positions require training, what kind, and how much


Based on this list, what would a visitor conclude are the top five priorities in your church?

Does reaching the world for Christ appear in this list?