Updated: April 15, 2007


Pastoral Search Committee Questions

ÖDavid Mays


Questions to ask a pastoral candidate to discover their perspective on missions


Note: Ask at least one question that elicits the candidateís perspective in each area.



Personal Involvement:

1.      Thoroughly, but succinctly describe your experience in cross-cultural ministry/missions.

2.      Describe an event that was influential in shaping your understanding of missions.

3.      Currently, how are you involved in the global advance of the gospel?


Biblical Basis:

4.      From Genesis through Revelation, Godís redemptive plan for all the nations is a consistent theme. Beginning in Genesis, briefly trace this theme through Scripture.

5.      What Scripture and missions-related statistics drive your understanding of missions and should be driving our missions program?


Strategic Understanding:

6.      Describe the missions ministry of your current church. What is your role in that ministry?

7.      What aspects of a missions ministry are of particular interest to you? What role would you want to play in our missions ministry?

8.      In your opinion, how and where should a church invest their missions dollars?

9.      Why should our church continue dedicating nearly ___ percent of our giving to advancing Christís kingdom cross-culturally (i.e. to Missions)?




Source:Adapted from Bruce Wilson, Missions Pastor, College Church, Wheaton, IL

Used with permission