Discovering the Minimum Factor

Steve Hoke, Church Resource Ministries


The Minimum Factor

§    The barrel represents a qualitative paradigm for measuring your current situation and possible missions ministry needs.

§    The shortest stave illustrates why the minimum factor plays such a central role in growth and  strategic planning: The shortest stave determines how
much water (quantity) the barrel can hold?

§    What effect would lengthening the other staves (areas of strength)
have on the barrel’s capacity to retain water (growth)? 

§    What is one implication of this insight for your ministry planning?

§    What would be the effect of increasing the length of the
shortest stave (area of weakness)?  It increases capacity.

§    How can you apply this insight to your ministry planning?


How missions-active is your church?

§    Use the profile to rate each dynamic in your church’s present ministry: 1 low, 10 high


Missions Dynamic

Your Ranking

Leaders Ranking

Priority for Work

1.     World vision of your senior pastor




2.     Spiritual maturity & vitality of the people




3.     Leadership team




4.     Values & vision




5.     Organizational structure & functions




6.     Missions education




7.     Cross-cultural involvement




8.     Prayer & global intercession




9.     Balanced philosophy of ministry




10. Strategy




11. Individual giving to world evangelization




12. Strategically balanced budget plan









How missions-active is your church?

§    Where is your church’s missions ministry strong and what can you celebrate?

§    What is your minimum factor?

§    Two approaches forward:

1.     Work on your minimum factor, or

2.     Continue to build on your other strengths 


Steve Hoke, Church Resource Ministries