The Missionary Bulletin Board

David Mays, ACMC



This is the way

We show we obey:

Every church can afford

A bulletin board.


We’re reminded to pray

For the people who go

Proclaiming the Lord

By the bulletin board.


You may need a guide

Who knows where it is

To point you toward

The bulletin board.


A way down the hall

Forlorn on the wall,

Aerograms stored

By the bulletin board.


Letters tacked up

Row upon row

From servants adored

On the bulletin board.


In remodeled churches

Where everything’s new

What’s not restored

Is the bulletin board.


Map, pins and pictures

Surrounded by scallops

As green as a gourd

Is the bulletin board.


The pins and the pictures

Connected by yarn

With dust on the cord

On the bulletin board.


Sideburns and flat tops

Kids now full grown:

Memories stored

On the bulletin board.


It’s sorry to see

How dull it can be.

Bored out of your gourd?

It’s the bulletin board.


More likely than not

The church has forgot.

It’s long been ignored

The bulletin board.


I picture a day when

“Wow,  Look at that! “

I’m staggered and floored

By the bulletin board.




Bulletin Board Tips


1.    Locate it where everyone will see it.  If you have one now, move it.

2.    Recruit someone esthetic and creative to do it.  Perhaps two or three people could take turns.

3.     Focus on one thing         1 missionary,
1 country,

4.     Try bright, bold colors.

5.     Exaggerate. 
Make everything disproportionately large.  People should be able
to see what is shown, read what is written, and catch the drift at a brisk walk 15 feet away.

Go outside the boundaries.

6.     Break the rules. 
Use large objects, unusual textures, fabrics, collages.  Make it three dimensional.

7.     Change it at least every decade.