David Mays


My friend Doug, a Christian businessman and a relatively young Christian, built a very large house so he could entertain friends and host concerts and parties to lead people to Christ.


His business hasn't developed as rapidly as he expected and he is struggling to feed the family, make the payments and maintain his house.


Doug had not learned to give generously to the church before he built his house and now he has reduced his giving to almost nothing.


How should I advise Doug regarding the priority of giving and what he should do?




My friend Kelly, a pastor, built a very large church so it could host concerts and sports events to lead people to Christ. 


The church has not grown as rapidly as expected and is struggling to pay the staff, the mortgage and utilities.


The congregation had not learned to give generously to reaching the world before the church was built and now world missions giving has been reduced to almost nothing. 


How would you advise my friend?