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Ten Main Things


1.   God has an end goal for humanity, that all nations worship Him.

2.   This goal is a major theme of Scripture.

3.   The Great Commission – the evangelization and discipleship of all nations – is the means to this goal.

4.   The Church is God’s primary agent to carry out the Great Commission in this age.

5.   The Great Commission is the primary mission of every church.  

6.   This mission belongs to the whole church.

7.   The Great Commission includes three kinds of people:

­     People like us nearby

­     People unlike us nearby

­     People unlike us far away

8.   The congregation is responsible to reach the people they can reach.

9.   “Missions” is primarily the church’s efforts to help fulfill the Great Commission among people beyond the reach of the local congregation.

10. The church’s missions team has two arenas of responsibility: external (deployment) and internal (mobilization).

­     Do you strongly resonate with any of the above?  Why?

­     How would you modify or clarify any of the above points?

­     What points seem misdirected or erroneous to you?