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Stuff - Stuff you need to know about

Doing Missions in Your Church – A Handbook of Lists


David Mays

Revised and expanded, 2008, davidmays  



The earlier four volumes have been updated and an additional fifth volume has been added. 


Stuff you need to know about Doing Missions in Your Church is an encyclopedia of all the things you wanted to know about doing missions but didn't know where to find. It is a compilation of one-page concepts, lists, outlines, forms, samples, and resources covering everything from "A Personal Missions Prayer Pattern" to "Yellow Flags in Missionary Selection."  Material ranges from the known (The Lausanne Covenant) to the exotic (Watch your missions language!). 


David Mays served as a church consultant for ACMC for more than 20 years and this CD contains all the best stuff he has learned and obtained from churches.


Church leaders, mobilizers, and mission organization personnel find these “bottom line” summaries extremely handy and helpful.  Several have called it the best resource available to churches for their missions ministry.  More than 6000 copies of earlier volumes have been distributed. A complete index to all five volumes is included.


“Stuff” is available only on CD in Word. 

For topics in volume 5 see below.  For more information, click here.


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Topics in the fifth volume:


5.      Selected Missions Scriptures for a Biblical Basis

6.      Biblical Foundations for Your Missions Ministry

7.      The Ten Main Things

8.      Missions Quotes

9.      Image and Substance of Missions: Three Concerns

10.   The Meaning of Missional

11.   Description of a Missional Church

12.   The Missional Life

13.   What is a Missionary?

14.   Missionary Calling

15.   Top Ten Myths about Missions


16.   Missions Values from Churches

17.   Global Outreach Values

18.   Global Ministries Position Paper

19.   Introducing Missions Strategy

20.   Church Priorities and Missions

21.   Ten Questions for Missions Pastors

22.   Church Outreach Paradigms

23.   Local Church Partnership with the Denomination

24.   Partnership Evaluation Questionnaire

25.   Partnership Readiness Questionnaire

26.   Partnering - How It Works


27.   Key Questions for Missions Leadership Teams

28.   Ten Questions for a Biblical Missions Strategy

29.   Task Force Project Coordinator Job Description

30.   Missions Team Action Step Priorities

31.   Mission Trends in the Local Church

32.   Funding Local Ministries - A Story

33.   What Shapes Our Missions Ministry?

34.   Key Factors in Setting Missions Priorities

35.   Template for a Mission Strategy

36.   Strategy Development Steps

37.   Missions Strategy - Breadth or Depth?

38.   Four Criteria for Missionary Support

39.   What About Supporting Our Own?

40.   Missions Funding Priorities

41.   Model for Calculating Financial Support

42.   Analysis Chart for Missions Support

43.   Financial Evaluation Grid for Candidates

44.   Criteria for Determining Support Levels -One Model

45.   Support Evaluation Worksheet - A Model

46.   Yellow Flags in Missionary Selection

47.   Rapid Response Teams

48.   Mission Trip Funding for Church Staff - Part I

49.   Mission Trip Funding for Church Staff - Part II


50.   Missions Terminology: Missionary and Missions

51.   Communicating Missions

52.   Five Elements of Missions Education

53.   Children and Missions: Action Steps for the Church

54.   Bill of Rights for Kingdom Kids

55.   Steps to a Good Missions Conference - Part II

56.   Map, Globes and Flags

Congregational Involvement

57.   Community and Missions Involvement Survey

58.   Future Missionary Fellowships

59.   Small Group Support for Missionaries

60.   Maximizing Mission Trips

61.   Short Term Team Tasks

62.   Mission Trips and Taxes

63.   Questions for Returning Short-Termers

64.   Ten Steps to an Effective Short Term Mission

65.   Short Term Re-Entry Program Outline

66.   Mission Trip Follow-Up Questionnaire

67.   Qualifications for a Potential Missions Trip


68.   Steps to Becoming a Missionary

69.   Aspiring Missionary Information Sheet

70.   Pipeline of Missionary Preparation

71.   Transitioning from Short Term to Long Term

72.   How to Help Your Missionaries Raise Support

73.   Travel Tools for Missionaries

74.   Missionary Care Strategy

75.   Missionary Family Care Coordinator

76.   Exposure Opportunities for Visiting Missionaries

77.   Home Ministry Assignment/Visit Information Form

78.   Home Assignment Survey

79.   Missionary Debriefing Guidelines I

80.   Missionary Debriefing Guidelines II


81.   Books on the Missional Church

82.   Books and Resources to help Understand the World

83.   Books to Prepare for Living Overseas

84.   Building a Local Missions Network

85.   Miscellaneous Missions Resources

86.   Missions Training Webinar Downloads

87.   Recent Missions Books

88.   Top 25 Business as Missions Books

89.   Top Missions Resources for Church Leaders

90.   Videos and DVDs - Alternative Sources

91.   About the Author