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Sample Missions Forms

For a sample form on any of the following topics send an email request to info@davidmays.org.

  • Agency Evaluation
  • Agency Partnership Evaluation
  • Application Rejection Letter
  • Candidate Preparation Programs
  • Candidate Training Inventory
  • Candidate Questions
  • Committee Expectations
  • Committee Member Job Description
  • Committee Organization
  • Committee Structure
  • Consortium Policy
  • Education Strategy
  • Evaluation - Missionary Annual Report
  • Evaluation of Global Ministry
  • Follower Characteristics - Traits of Disciples
  • Internship Job Description
  • Mission Ministry Manual
  • Missionary Care Manual
  • Missionary Contract
  • Missionary Covenant
  • Missionary Support Teams
  • Missions Conference Activities
  • Missions Conference Evaluation Forms
  • Missions Discipleship Paradigm
  • Missions Ministry Purpose Statements
  • Missions Pastor Assistant Job Description
  • Missions Pastor Job Description
  • Missions Policies
  • Missions Purpose and Vision Statements
  • Next Steps (after the Missions Conference or Mission Trip)
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Plan for Global Outreach
  • Strategy
  • Summer Missions Application
  • Support Application
  • Support Criteria
  • Support (Potential) Evaluation
  • Support Team Roles and Responsibilities
  • Support Update
  • Values
  • Web Security for Missionaries